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How to Add Warmth, Color & Texture to Your Advertisements

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"…A powerful agent is the right word…" --Mark Twain

And what true words those are! Your marketing efforts have the ability to succeed…or to fail…based on the words you choose to represent your products, services, and yourself in your ads.

You have the ability to choose any words you desire. The problem is, sometimes, we draw a blank. Our minds seem amiss of anything creative to say. This is when a diverse collection of pre-written phrases, designed to bring miraculous changes to your ads, comes in handy.

A collection of pre-written phrases, which you can drop right into your ad text, offers a lot of magic, a good deal of choices, and an incredible journey through words which develop warmth, color, and add texture to your ads. With pre-written buzz-word phrases, you can bring your ad to life - immediately.

So how do you come up with these phrases and buzz words?

Step one is to become aware of every advertisement you're exposed to, whether it be on television, in a newspaper, in email, or in a magazine. Just pay attention and study those ads.

Step two involves gathering your pre-written phrases. Write down words which make an impact on you. Make a notebook, or a computer document, and as you are exposed to the ads around you, jot down those phrases and buzz words. Here's some phrases and words I jotted down recently:

  • Accept nothing but the best

  • Because you're worth it

  • Consider it a gift from you…to you

The third step is to take these phrases and integrate them into your ads. The best way to do this is work with an ad which you've already written. How much impact does it have? How much sparkle and pizzaz does it possess? Does your already-written ad grab your attention? If the answer is NO, then it's time to input some marketing miracle phrases - sprinkle them about your ad, pick some from your list which fit with your product or service - and revise.

Let's take a look at an ad I found written by someone who is not using marketing miracle phrases:

"New ladies brown leather coat. Size XL."

The ad for this item really didn't capture my attention. The photo of the item did - it's a nice product! Let's see how the actual ad can be spruced up with the use of some marketing miracle phrases:

"Give radiance to everything when you wear this exquisite, full-length, chocolate brown leather coat. For lovers of fine quality everywhere, you'll experience comfort and luxury, for just a fraction of the retail price. Handsomely crafted, it will make a chic addition to your winter wardrobe. Ladies size XL."

See the difference? Using marketing miracle words gives you a new way of impacting your buyers with words and phrases designed to bypass the mind, get your product deep into their heart and soul, and reach the core of their deepest desires.

So why not try it with your own ads? Just follow the three steps in this article to add warmth, color and texture to your ads. See the change in your ads, and the change in your bottom line sales figures. Good luck!

Michele Jai Johnson is the author of 777 Marketing Miracle Phrases. Multi-published, her articles and short stories have appeared in many online publications, as well as national print magazines and newsletters. She is also the author of instructional courses and has written many short reports and tips booklets, in addition to 777 Marketing Miracle Phrases. You can pick up your own copy of her handy booklet here: http://www.michelejanine.com/777mmp.html

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