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The Work at Home Business

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ArticleTitle – The Work at Home Business
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The Work at Home Business
Copyright © 2004 Lee Coleman Home Biz Wizard

Brief description –

A Brief Look at the Work at Home Businesses

Full Description –

Work at home businesses are being promoted literally in their
thousands. Are they any good? Which work at home business is
right for you? Should you have one?

The Work at Home Business

It’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” but the idea of working at home
is appealing.

Because of this, the explosion of home business related
subjects, articles, opportunities and resources aren’t just on
the internet, but almost everywhere you look these days. Have a
look for yourself, type in home business on Google you get
nearly 49 million sites. Look in any popular magazine/newspaper
classified section, see what I mean?

Most of us would much rather work at home, the thought of easing
yourself into the day with a cup of tea or coffee as opposed to
being forced to commute to the office, shop or wherever at
“Stupid ‘o’ Clock” is bound to appeal. Not having anyone else to
answer to is also very appealing and most people would
love to be able to tell their boss exactly what they think of
them. Let’s face it, a lot of us would much rather not have to
go to work at all.

There is more to it than that though, some people can’t to go
out to work and have to work at home, it’s practical as well, in
this day and age where we are all being taxed to death with
everything getting more and more expensive, the need to earn as
much money as possible to look after the family let alone to
afford some creature comforts is all to real.

If you’re self employed, then you almost certainly run your
business from home, you already know and appreciate the
advantages of working for yourself from home. But I’m talking
about businesses that allow you to work at home as well.

Are they any Good?

Many work at home business opportunities are available from
established companies who already undertake marketing campaigns and so have lots of flyers, software, text adverts,
articles or even your own website to sell their products as an

There are a great many people who make a living from home
businesses using internet marketing. Surprisingly many of them
are earning huge amounts and it’s not unusual to be able to make thousands weekly.

Any home business can be successful, you can sell almost
anything from home these days, there are thousands of companies
who you can sell goods for, they deal with all the ordering,
invoicing, shipping and send a commission cheque out at the end
of the month. It’s called drop-shipping, if you have ever
looked on Ebay you will see dozens of similar or even identical
items being sold by different people, they are just resellers
using a drop-ship company.

It’s possible with some internet home businesses to have in
excess of 20 different companies, all with hundreds of products
to sell for yourself and get paid just for referring customers
through your own website. Using effective marketing techniques you simply direct people to “Gateway” websites with a unique affiliate number for the companies you represent and they do the rest for you.

Which sort of Work at Home Business is right for you?

Can you do your current job from home? If you can, you may need
to invest in certain equipment to help you (if you don’t already
have them) you will need a computer, fax, stationary or even
stock. If you do not use the internet to market your business
yet, it is massive source of information and resources for
promoting any business, in a few choice cases FOR FREE.

You may have a particular talent, such as an artist, writer,
software engineer, draughtsman, accountant, hairdresser,
masseur, telemarketer etc, so it doesn’t matter where you are,
you can still work for people at home. Your overheads are less
than big companies so you can provide a better, more personal
service to your clients for less than they are used to paying.
The best bit is that you can set your price for your time. Work
at home for €25, €50 or even €100 per hour if that’s what your
services are worth.

If you can’t do your existing job from home, you need to find
something you can do. This is when most people start looking at
direct mail and/or internet opportunities. But what sort of
home business is right for you?

Look at an opportunity that interests you, let’s face it if it
doesn’t interest you how are you going to sell it to someone

How much does it pay? You don’t want to have to sell container
loads of a product to see any return on your investment.

How often does it pay? Do you get a one off commission, or do
you get paid monthly when your customers pay a membership fee or upgrade etc.

Does it work? Is there enough proof that the business you choose
will actually make you any money?

What sort of training and support is available? You need to have help when you need it in any business.

Should You Have One?

I don’t want to sound like I am on a soapbox here, but not
everyone is suited to having or running a home business. Like
any business it has to be marketed, run properly and constantly
tweaked to earn you an income.

If you’re the sort of person to start something and not see it
through or work at it, then a home business is not for you.

If you are the sort of person who would rather let someone
else do all the work and just do what you are told, the same applies.

If you are the sort of person who likes to be control of their
life, hard working, enjoys a challenge and is dedicated to
achieve the goals they set out for themselves, then a work at
home business is something you should consider.

A work at home business can be very rewarding, you can be in
control of your own life, build a lifetime residual income, work
to your timescales, work with who you choose, for who you choose, how you choose. What will you choose?

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About the Author

CEO of The EuropianTrader lee now resides in the South of France working from home with an Internet based business.


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